More often than not, the internet is just downright depressing... I don't know about you, but sometimes? I crave simple, uplifting inspiration: Prose, picture or parlante!


BOSS Gifs - Awesomely High-Flying, Edition!

BOSS Gifs – Awesomely High-Flying, Edition!


Can’t even tell what he’s doing…

Besides being awesomely high-flying.

But that counts.









This is how you fly so high, and in such an awesome way…

Like a BOSS!

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Stupid Man Tricks - When Attempting To Save Someone, Edition!

Stupid Man Tricks – When Attempting To Save Someone, Edition!

It’s should be important to remember?

For future reference…

That when attempting to save someone?

Do so in a way you, yourself, will not be needed to be saved as well.

Just a suggestion to all you wannabe heroes out there:

I Must Go People Need Me, But I'll Take You With


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BOSS Gifs - Raging With Rainbows, Edition!

BOSS Gifs – Raging With Rainbows, Edition!

When Mother Nature rages…

She can make even the most innocently beautiful of things?

Look deadly!

Rainbow Rage


This is how Mother Nature rages with rainbows…

Like a BOSS!

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BOSS Gifs - Texting and Drving, Edition!

BOSS Gifs – Texting and Drving, Edition!

Who doesn’t know this?

Texting and driving is dangerous.


There are those who make it look far easier than it is…

Dangerously so.

When You Get Called Into Work on Your Day Off


This is how you (DO NOT) text and drive…

Like a BOSS!

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