More often than not, the internet is just downright depressing... I don't know about you, but sometimes? I crave simple, uplifting inspiration: Prose, picture or parlante!


BOSS Gifs - Treebeard Rises, Edition!

BOSS Gifs – Treebeard Rises, Edition!


That Treebeard, the Ent (for all you Lord of the Rings fans out there)…


No matter that cruelty, and savage attempts by mankind to put him asunder!

Fallen tree stands up after being cut[Source]

Because the shepherds of trees are…


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Stupid Man Tricks - Within Kicking Distance, Edition!

Stupid Man Tricks – Within Kicking Distance, Edition!

Selfies are dangerous.

More so…

If you are an idiot standing within kicking range of a train worker.

Guy gets kicked in the head while taking selfie with train[Source]

Despite the fact that this kid ended up with a nice set of shoe-tread prints on his face?



He will be laughing all the way to the bank!

Man Kicked In Head By Train Conductor May Earn $250,000


Why is it, I see so many more of these gifs in our future, huh?


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BOSS Gifs - A Wildlife Photographer, Edition!

BOSS Gifs – A Wildlife Photographer, Edition!

Given the current conditions?

I could not think of a better job…

Than being a wildlife photographer!


When meerkats are involved!

Friendly meerkats with a wildlife photographer animated gif[Source]

This is how you get involved with your work…

Like a BOSS!

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Stupid Man Tricks - This Isn’t Parkour, Edition!

Stupid Man Tricks – This Isn’t Parkour, Edition!

Parkour definition:

Parkour (French pronunciation: ​[paʁˈkuʁ]) is a holistic training discipline using movement that developed from military obstacle course training.[4][5][6] Practitioners aim to get from A to B in the most efficient way possible.They do this using only their bodies and their surroundings to propel themselves; furthermore, they try to maintain as much momentum as is possible in…

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BOSS Gif - Handstand Dive, Edition!

BOSS Gif – Handstand Dive, Edition!

Some people just like to show-off.


They do it so well…

It’s hard to fault them for it:

Subway jump over the tracks[Source]

This is a superb, handstand dive, over a subway track (cause why NOT?!)…

Like a BOSS!

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