More often than not, the internet is just downright depressing... I don't know about you, but sometimes? I crave simple, uplifting inspiration: Prose, picture or parlante!


BOSS Gifs - Mad Ping Pong Skills, Edition!

BOSS Gifs – Mad Ping Pong Skills, Edition!

Ping pong?

Is a sport which requires MAD skills!


Who knew?

Ping pong behind-the-back shot  (Quentin Robinot)[Source]

This is how you do a behind-the-back WINNING shot, which stuns your opponent…

Like a BOSS!

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BOSS Gifs - Chopper Fireworks, Edition!

BOSS Gifs – Chopper Fireworks, Edition!

THIS (below)…

Is an amazingly, beautiful sight!

Well, unless you are on the falling end of that ammo…


Probably not so much:

Chopper Firing Flares[Source]

This is how you make fireworks in the sky…

Like a BOSS!

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