More often than not, the internet is just downright depressing... I don't know about you, but sometimes? I crave simple, uplifting inspiration: Prose, picture or parlante!


BOSS Gifs - Gift of Foresight, Edition!

BOSS Gifs – Gift of Foresight, Edition!


The most amazing ability?

Is the foresight to be able to see how things need to play out…

Then do them!

Skateboard hop skip trick


This is some serious foresighting skateboard skills…

Like a BOSS!

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BOSS Gifs - Bad Habits, Edition!

BOSS Gifs – Bad Habits, Edition!

Not sure what it is about THIS (below)…


It makes me think this guys has WAY too much experience with drinking and smoking:

Dude blowing a smoke ring like a boss animated gif


This is how you perform bad habits…

Like a BOSS!

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